Filmanalyse: To Kill A Mockingbird

This workshop provides a detailed film analysis of the 1962 classic, including its language and historical background. In addition, it draws out key differences between the 1962 film and Lee Harper’s 1960 novel, thereby highlighting the uniqueness of each particular art form.

The second half – which is now wholly praxis-orientated – takes the film as the basis for practical exercises. These include creating abstract portraits through careful photographic framing, making story boards in group work, discovering the school as a film location through different camera angles and introducing film clips as images without sound or sound without images into class lessons.
This teacher training is a “bring your own devices” event. That is, all participants are encouraged to bring their own smartphones or tablets (or those belonging to their school).

Referent: Dr. Julian Namé, Filmwissenschaftler, Medienpädagoge